Ground Maintenance

Who uses Ground Maintenance?

Due to the success of Gardening & Maintenance By James within private gardens, we have been encouraged to expand into the commercial sector. This involves working for businesses, NHS practices, care homes, communal properties such as apartments and any other areas that require regular maintenance. Well maintained and attractive grounds will help promote businesses, attracting clientele.

It is important to keep your landscaping and grounds aesthetically pleasing and clean and tidy to encourage an increase in the value of your property and grounds. However, before that, one of the main goals of ground maintenance is to maintain property value and ensure that landscaped areas retain functionality and remain pleasing to the eye, with a welcoming feel.

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Freshly cut lawn with path

Planned Maintenance

We strongly believe that a planned maintenance strategy based on regular scheduled maintenance visits will help reduce costs on ground maintenance. James would attend your grounds to discuss your needs and requirements, following this he would create the best, cost-effective maintenance plan that himself and his staff would follow on each visit. This strategic plan would mean that no additional or unnecessary maintenance would ever be carried out, therefore reducing costs in the long term.

To find out how we can help you and receive a no obligation quote please call or text James on 07762002276 or simply fill in the enquiry form and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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For your convenience, we will provide you with an invoice for our service and you can make payment via a bank transfer.

In line with our environmental vision, we make use of the green waste recycling services offered to all properties throughout Warwickshire and the West Midlands, alternatively we can take the waste away and this would then be recycled and sent to power plants to be used.