Hedge Cutting

Hedge cutting can be a difficult task that generates a vast amount of garden waste and can be time consuming. We have many years of experience with hedge cutting, hedge trimming, pruning and removal. We are able to undertake all types of hedge cutting, regardless of the size of the hedges, and waste will be removed from site. In line with our environmental vision, our waste gets chipped and recycled, and sent to power plants to be re-used.

James would arrange an initial meeting to discuss the hedge and your needs, and following this, we would provide you with a full quote for the work to be carried out.

In general, there are two types of hedge cutting, Formative or Reshaping.

Formative pruning is nearly always needed in the first few years to ensure a good framework is created especially with a formal hedge, and this is usually carried out during the winter and spring seasons.

Reshaping should ideally be carried out during the winter months while the hedge is predominantly dormant.

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Hedge being trimmed

Formal Established Hedges

The maintenance for these types of hedges may need to be done twice a year depending on the type of hedge. We would aim to cut in February and March before the spring starts so that the hedges are looking in good shape ready for the summer and then we would revisit them again, any time after August. Hedges can be cut in between but need to be thoroughly checked for nesting birds. As a company, we strongly respect our environment and the wildlife that we share it with. Therefore, we abide by The Wildlife Act of 1981, and we will always complete a thorough check for nesting activity, and we will not complete any hedge cutting if there is activity present. This nesting activity usually takes place between the months of March through to August.

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Established hedge trimmed to shape

For your convenience, we will provide you with an invoice for our service and you can make payment via a bank transfer.

In line with our environmental vision, we make use of the green waste recycling services offered to all properties throughout Warwickshire and the West Midlands, alternatively we can take the waste away and this would then be recycled and sent to power plants to be used.